Think you have  bedbug problem?

Many of our customers suspect they have a problem with bed bugs, but are not certain. We are here to help with independent canine inspections that are fast and accurate.

  • Serving CT, NY, NJ and MA, our canine teams are NESDCA certified to help ensure accuracy. We have worked with homeowners and businesses to detect live bedbugs and their eggs. We understand that time is of the essence and we work hard to make sure we get to you quickly – even if the inspection location is out of our service area. Contact us and we will work to get you quick and accurate service.

  • Certified Canine Teams ensure that you are getting the highest standard of effectiveness. Our teams are routinely tested for accuracy in a variety of settings. Our dogs are trained and work to find only live bedbugs and/or their live viable eggs. Visual inspection is not enough. Certified canines use scent to reach areas where visual inspection cannot get to. Make sure you use a certified NESDCA team.

  • Independent of pest control operators or exterminators, our primary focus is to help locate or rule out the presence to bedbugs. Canine bedbug detection should be the first step in bedbug treatment or remediation. Our independence allows us to focus on giving our customers the best possible inspection — so that our customers can make educated and informed treatment decisions.

  • Quick Response. Time is of the essence to alleviate further spreading and for peace of mind. We understand that you want to have a professional inspection immediately. We do our best to get a canine team to you immediately and maintain very flexible hours. Bedbug treatment can be costly and challenging. Catch them early!