Canine Bedbug Inspection Checklist

Before you schedule your inspection, please let us know if you have had bedbug treatment in the last 30 days. We are committed to keeping our dogs safe. Certain treatments and home remedies can be harmful to the health and safety of our dogs.

Our canine teams train in a variety of environments to help ensure the best, most accurate inspection possible. Although we practice working in real world environments, here are some things you can do prior to our arrival and during the inspection to help prevent distraction to the dog and handler to ensure the most accurate inspection possible:

Prior to our arrival:

  • Put away any open food.
  • Vacuum or sweep any food/crumbs that are on the floor.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor for harmful products including medicine (pills) or broken glass.
  • Remove and garbage bags that contain food.
  • Remove all loose pets from the inspection space.
  • Remove all pet food and water, pet toys, pet bedding and crates from the inspection space.
  • ONE HOUR before the inspection, make sure all windows are closed and all fans, air conditioners or anything that blows air are turned off.
  • Remove any excess clutter or obstructed areas to allow safe access for canine team.

While we are inspecting:

  • The dog and handler together as a team MUST be able to work without distraction. There should not be anyone other than the canine team in the inspection area while working. Please relay this information to others in your home or workspace prior to our arrival.
  • Please do not pet or call the dog until the inspection is concluded. Please do not give the dog any treats.
  • Please save your questions until the inspection is finished. We know that you will be curious, want to provide input and get good feedback. We want our canine team as focused as possible to provide the best, most accurate inspection possible.


Concerned there may be bedbugs?

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