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Residential Inspection

Bedbugs are notorious hitchhikers. They can get into your home in a variety of ways and go undetected for weeks. If left to multiply they can drain your financial and emotional resources. If you have seen bedbugs in parts of your home, have a bedbug dog determine if they are isolated to that area or if they have spread to other areas of your home. If you suspect that you might have bedbugs but have not seen any evidence, a peace of mind bedbug inspection can be helpful. Dogs can work through a variety of household spaces and items to give you an accurate inspection.

Why use a certified bedbug dog?

Bedbug dogs are efficient, accurate and discreet. They can quickly locate the presence of live bedbugs or eggs without having to tear apart your home. Our canine teams arrive in plain clothes, with groomed dogs capable of getting in to a variety of spaces.

Routine inspections

Do you travel often, have students/family in college or coming to and from home, or generally have an on the go lifestyle? Routine maintenance inspections are a great way to maintain peace of mind.

Commercial Inspection

Reduce liability and protect your brand. Our certified bedbug teams are familiar with a variety of spaces including dormitories, office space, workspaces, hotel rooms, assisted living, retail and transportation – to name a few. The list is too long to mention here. If your space has people, a bedbug infestation can multiply quickly, create stress in the environment and damage your brand. Have our teams inspect discreetly and effectively when you first suspect bedbugs.

Routine inspections

Be proactive in your commercial space. Conduct routine inspections just as you do with routine pest control. Routine canine inspections for bedbugs are becoming much more industry standard, are part of an integrated pest management approach and are a good practice. Bedbugs are never welcome and certainly not in your place of business.


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